EP 28 (The) Blood on Satans Claw

December 2, 2015

Join us as we discuss the fascinating topic of the redundant "the" in the title. We know how to have fun.
Also discussed are eyebrows, Jack Nicholson and plenty of nods to that show we shall not name!

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EP 27 Witchfinder General

October 31, 2015

Appropriately for halloween we go looking for witches with Vincent Price in Michael Reeves masterpiece, Witchfinder General.

Unfortunately the sound went a little off in places and I had a cold and cough so there is the odd cough and sniffle.

Happy Halloween.
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EP 26 Frankenstein & the Monster From Hell

September 23, 2015

One of the last Hammer Horror Films and the last one for Terrance Fisher.
Its a bit of a dry run for Star Wars with Peter Cushing bossing Dave Prowse around.
Simon Helder is great or is that Shane Briant?
Just what does Chris say about Madeline Smith? Is there an even lower budget version of this film called Frankenstein and the Monster From Hull? Find out in our newest episode.

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EP 25 The Beast Must Die

July 16, 2015

Blaxpoitation, a german shepherd in a fur coat and a whodunnit all rolled into one crazy horror film.

Look out for the werewolf break!

Special Thanks to Gary Stratmann.

So can you work out who's the werewolf? No of course not.

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EP 24 A Tribute to Christopher Lee

July 1, 2015

Not much to say. Here's our tribute to the great man.


EP 23 The Plague of the Zombies

May 6, 2015

Cornwall. The county of pasties, tin mines and clotted cream. Home of King Arthur, Jamaica Inn and Lands End. Go surfing in Newquay or check out the moors.

But we all know that the biggest tourist attraction is, of course, Zombies. And a bit of voodoo. They're as Cornish as ice cream! Don't believe us, then go and watch Hammer's The Plague of the Zombies.

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Or just pour some blood on a voodoo doll. It all works.


EP 22 The Bride

April 1, 2015

Those poor brave fools Chris and Paul take on their toughest mission yet: All one hour and fifty-five minutes of The Bride, Sting's doomed attempt to replace Peter Cushing. A misunderstood classic or is every critic right?


EP 21 Dead Of Night - Return Flight

March 22, 2015

We take a look at one of the least known episodes of the 1970's BBC series Dead of Night, Return Flight.
Neither of us had seen it and best of all it was written by Robert Holmes and we may have indulged our inner Doctor Who fan a bit too much.

So is there a real ghost in this story at all or is it just imagined?

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EP 20 And Now The Screaming Starts

March 3, 2015

After being quiet last time, we though we would start screaming this week.
We discuss the 1973 Amicus film And Now The Screaming Starts starring Peter Cushing and Herbert Lom, when they can be bothered to turn up.

Based on the out of print book Fengriffen, which you can pick up for a few hundred quid, is Screaming a classic?

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EP 19 The Quiet Ones

February 12, 2015

It's Hammer time! New Hammer from 2014 but enough of this shouting, there's something odd about Jane Harper, if you ignore the torture, Stockholm syndrome and demonic possession. So come on don't feel the noise, lets be The Quiet Ones.

In the episode we talk about the events that inspired this film, The Philip Experiment. Details can be found on here:


The original theme music is back this episode but did you like the my selection of comedy music in the previous ones? Let us know.

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